A chance to talk 6R4!

Mark Holmes, Holmes Auto Engineering Metro 6R4

When Mark phoned us requiring a set of 7.25″ 0.250″ replacement plates for his 6R4 the ‘bobble hatter’ in me took over to discuss one of my favourite ever creations. Unfortunately most are tucked away now in private collections due to the value of these cars a long with other iconic rally cars of times gone by.

This however is not one of those hidden away and can regularly been seen competing on events such as the Promenade stages. The car features a 2.5 Screamer spec engine so she very, very much makes all the right noises as a quick google search will show. Marks passion for keeping the car in competition was great to hear and that his PTT Clutch has only needed a set of plates after 3 years of competition was also a testament not only to how the car is driven and prepared, but also to the quality of the Friction Material used in all of the PTT Plates.

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