The outrageous Ken Block 1400hp Climbkhana Mustang uses PTT!

The decision to update the 1965 Ford Mustang star of Gymkhana 7 was a bold one, but for the Team to take on the legendary Pike Peaks hill climb for a new feature video meant that the car needed a huge jump forwards in performance, a pair of Turbos were strapped to the 410 cubic inch V8 engine to produce 1400hp/1250lbft on Methanol driven through a Sadev 4WD system.

It was clear that a high performance, premium quality clutch would be required and PTT were called in to help, a custom specification 7.25″ Multi-disc unit was built which successfully drove Ken Block to the top of the mountain, and although the whole project is based around creating a show with lots of smoke and drama, there is absolutely no denying how much abuse the cars drivetrain went through to create the exciting video that has been viewed countless times already.

Another PTT Clutch proving just what can be achieved in an extreme application, one that many other manufacturers would back away from, or opt for a larger and heavier clutch but when the product is well designed and expertly machined with such exacting standards as the PTT clutch is, we can push our clutch kits further than most.

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And for anyone who loves smoke, noise and drama enjoy Ken Blocks video in this link.

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