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Trevor Willis

OMS 28 RPE V8 2012, 2017 & 2018 MSA British Hillclimb Champion

Trevor can proudly boast winning one of the most hotly contested Motorsport Championships 3 times while using the PTT 5.5″ Triple Plate Clutch with .105 race plates. This Championship has no margin for error with the top 12 Run Off’s often decided by 100th’s of a second over a frantic 40 odd second dash from a standing start. Possibly the ultimate discipline to show a Clutch’s importance in providing performance and reliability.

The OMS 28 is powered by a 3.2 RPE V8 managed by MBE engine management software.

Trevor commented “I have used PTT Clutches exclusively while winning 3 MSA British Hillclimb Championships. I am delighted that SF Technic will be providing continued support for this excellent product”.

Meirion Evans

Wales Motorsport Fabrication MK2 BDA

Meirion and his team at Wales Motorsport Fabrication have over 20 years built a reputation for building some of the best MK2 Escorts in the world. Building cars to both Historic and Modern specification for Road and Stage Rally their attention to detail and quest for perfection is unrivalled.

Meirion’s latest historic build car built for his own use is pictured here on the Rally Otago in New Zealand and features a BDA engine which if you have seen our video footage of the car will know it makes all of the right noises. This particular car went straight to New Zealand from build with only a minimal road shakedown and using our PTT 7.25″ Rally Specification Clutch with twin 0.250″ plates.

Wales Motorsport Fabrication have a huge Motor Factor department with all types of componentry in stock and are happy to supply, fit and advise on PTT Clutches.


Tim Elmer

Dallara F301 TKD 2.0 V8

Tim is competing in the Midland Hillclimb championship and the MSA Hillclimb Leaders championship in 2018.
Tim Won the 2017 MSA Leaders class championship for class K(i)  (normally aspirated 2 litre single seater racing cars) – this included 8 Class wins,  and was 4th Overall in the MSA Leaders championship.
The car started life as a Dallara F301 but now runs F302 rear end with Hewland FTR sequential Gearbox, F305 engine cover and GP3 rear floors with longer tunnels. With a weight of around 445 Kg, a 2.0 TKD engineering V8 engine which produces around 380 bhp at the flywheel this car really offers stunning performance as a result of ingenious engineering as often seen in Hillclimbing. The engine uses custom Crankcase, Sump, Crankshaft, Con Rods, Oil Pump, Cam Drive and various engine covers.  The Cylinder Barrels, Heads and Induction System are based on 5 valve Yamaha R1 components. The engine is built, tuned and mapped by Race Techniques in Cheltenham.  Engine management system is by LIFE Racing, as well as engine management this provides launch and traction control as well as gearshift control via paddles and a pneumatic shift system.  Transmission is Hewland FTR with a reduction gearbox located in the bellhousing to allow the available F3 based gear ratios and final drive to be suitable for bike engine revs.
All of this performance is channelled through a PTT 5.5″ Triple Plate Clutch.

Simon Norris

Norris Designs Mitsubishi Colt 1.5t

The phenomenal Norris Designs Mitsubishi Colt with its 1.5 Turbo Charged engine boasts 430 BHP in its ‘Party Map’. It is equipped with our PTT 7.25” Twin Plate Clutch with 0.200 Track Spec Discs. The car has won 2 Castle Combe Saloon Car Championships which is no mean feat in one of, if not the most hotly contested Saloon Car grids in the country. With no tuning restrictions on the engines and having to run on Road tyres, if you get the chance to get to Castle Combe and watch you will not be disappointed. Norris designs are also well known for building some of the fastest Mitsubishi Evo’s in the world which are equipped with our PTT quad plate clutch with 0.105 Race Specification Discs.

Steve Broughton

SBD Motorsport Dallara F302

The SBD Dallara F302 must be one of the most highly developed F3 cars in the world, a long with Tim Elmers car. Now equipped with their latest generation SBD 300 BHP Vauxhall ‘Red Top’ C20XE engine she’s got plenty of waft compared to the 220 BHP F3 Specification Mr Dallara originally intended for it. The Aero development is hardly subtle either with huge tunnels and skirts to try and make the most of the Airflow under the car. Using a Hewland FTR sequential gearbox controlled by SBD’s own MBE Controlled Paddle shift system it also uses our PTT 5.5″ Twin Plate Clutch with 0.200 Track Specification Discs. The car also uses a specific design SBD Flywheel and smaller Ring Gear for F3 applications.

For engineering ingenuity Hillclimb and Sprint cars must feature some of the best examples of this.

Special thanks must also go to SBD Motorsport as probably our longest standing user of PTT drivetrain products, their feedback and support through working with such a wide range of Cars, Engines, Clients and Motorsport disciplines is invaluable.

Remmo Niezen

Remmo Autosport Falken BMW E30 

When Remmo contacted me saying he needed a clutch for his E30 BMW with a 5.0 v8 S62 Engine, delivering 480 BHP from in my opinion the best M5 ever built I thought ‘this chap sounds off the hook!’.

On chatting further it then became apparent as one of Europes top drifters campaigning a car with the famous Falken Motorsport livery we should be very privileged he would choose PTT’s 5.5″ Triple Plate Clutch with .200 Track specification plates. In a discipline which arguably gives the cars Clutch the hardest of workouts, it really does prove the products ability to deliver under conditions bordering on abuse.

With great success already achieved it is clear there are further BMW developments on the horizon from Remmo Autosport.

Craig Fleming

Juno TR300 SBD/DTW Competition Engines 2.0 Duratec

SF Technic’s own Craig Fleming has raced his CH Contracting Juno to numerous outright pole positions and race wins in the BRSCC OSS Championship, beating the fastest class A cars in the process.

The car is powered by a 300 BHP Duratec built by DTW Competition Engines using SBD components. This particular car actually uses a PTT 7.25” twin plate clutch more often found in Rally Cars. A switch to a smaller 5.5” twin or triple plate clutch would give even faster throttle response and improved downshifts by reducing the moment of inertia.

The car uses a Hewland FTR Gearbox controlled by Geartronics paddle shift system and really is as amazing to drive as it sounds!

Kester Cook

Team Big Skidz Fiesta 1.6 SBD Ecoboost

This really is a one off this car. Originally a pukka Fiesta ST Cup car built for the German series it now features the latest Ford 1.6 Ecoboost Engine developed by SBD with their bespoke Turbo and many other modifications which I’m not sure if we are allowed to disclose. All controlled by MBE Management systems and linked to a Sadev 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox again controlled by SBD’s MBE Paddleshift System.

The car has just been fitted with one of our PTT 7.25″ Twin Plate Clutches with 0.200 Track specification discs with high ratio pressure plate, this allows for a high clamp load without increasing the pedal effort . Originally the car was fitted with a competitors Clutch but the car felt very ‘juddery’ to pull away away and just a very vague feel to the pedal. Feedback on using our PTT Clutch has proved really positive and has eliminated the problems previously experienced.

So we know that the car gets up the road but stopping it was also an issue. We also got involved at this point and in conjunction with Alcon designed and manufactured our own specific MK6 Fiesta kit to fit under the 15″ alloy wheels. This is a kit we are only too pleased to supply to MK6 Fiesta customers be it for Race, Rally, Trackday or Spirited Road use.

Kester can be found competing in the MSV Trackday Championship. A super nice chap who I’m sure would welcome anyone approaching him to discuss the build and development of his car.

Mark Smith

Ford Escort MK2 2.4 SBD Duratec

Mark’s escort really is a stunning example of a ‘Modern’ MK2 Escort. Powered by a 327 BHP SBD Duratec, managed by MBE management and running through a Quaife Sequential Gearbox. This car uses the PTT 7.25” Clutch with .200 Spec plates.

Always presented immaculately the car can be found competing at various Tarmac rallies across the UK. In our opinion nice to see a Ford Escort still running a Ford engine!

Rob Bool

Lofthouse Special with Swallows Jaguar 4.2 Supercharged V8

Rob is competing in the AWDC Championship with his Bool Plant Hire backed Lofthouse Special. Using a Swallows Racing built Jaguar 4.2 Supercharged V8, Tremec sequential box and our PTT 7.25″ Triple Plate Clutch she really does pick her heals up over the most extreme terrain

Robert MacGregor

Sprintspeed Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Sprintspeed specialise in building Triumph Dolomite Sprint race engines. This particular car photographed has been a race car for 20 years and uses a PTT 7.25 Twin Plate Clutch with .250 Rally specification discs.

This historic specification car is a testament to how kind PTT Clutches are to Cranks and Thrust Bearings.

We are looking forward to dealing with Robert servicing his existing clutch requirements as well as future builds he has in progress.

Mark Holmes

Holmes Auto Engineering Metro 6R4

When Mark phoned us requiring a set of 7.25″ 0.250″ replacement plates for his 6R4 the ‘bobble hatter’ in me took over to discuss one of my favourite ever creations. Unfortunately most are tucked away now in private collections due to the value of these cars a long with other iconic rally cars of times gone by.

This however is not one of those hidden away and can regularly been seen competing on events such as the Promenade stages. The car features a 2.5 Screamer spec engine so she very, very much makes all the right noises as a quick google search will show. Marks passion for keeping the car in competition was great to hear and that his PTT Clutch has only needed a set of plates after 3 years of competition was also a testament not only to how the car is driven and prepared, but also to the quality of the Friction Material used in all of the PTT Plates.

David Harvey

Harvey Lintels Lotus 340R

David recently contacted us for a replacement Clutch Cover for his 7.25″ Super Clutch.

On establishing what car the Clutch was being used in, the Torque being produced by the Super Charged K Series engine, the weight of the car with its driver as we do with all of our clients. It became apparent that an 800kg Lotus 340R with a Quaife Sequential Gearbox was indeed some weapon.

David races the car in the European Lotus Cup with backing from Harvey Lintels and I’ve got to say, I wouldn’t mind 10 laps around Spa in the car. She looks like a proper thing!

We supply a lot of clients using the K Series engine in Lotus, Westfield and MG etc so please do speak to us to see what we can offer you.

Boamerang Racing

Ford Fiesta Cup Car 

This car was built by Ford Motorsport in Germany for the Fiesta ST Cup series, it features a high revving 1600 Zetec engine making around 200hp at the flywheel. Last year the car was converted to a six speed sequential gearbox and needed a suitable clutch and flywheel package. Alex came to us to see if we could design something to suit his requirements, we supplied our 7.25″/184mm Single Disc Clutch with .200″/5.08mm Friction material, this gave the necessary balance between low weight, durability and cost. As always, this clutch was tailored and built to the customers requirements and needs.

This car also has our own specific Alcon front brake kit fitted. This includes Alcon’s B range caliper, high performance Alcon discs and SF designed brake bells and mounting brackets. Alex said: ‘I have never used a brake kit which performs as well as this does. From the ease of fitment due to a perfectly designed kit, to the confidence this kit inspires, it really gives me the confidence to brake hard and late knowing the car will slow down.

Alex competes in this car across the UK in various different series including MSVR, BRSCC and 750MC, the team also run a number of customer cars at various events, feel free to get in touch with them for anything Fiesta related.

Are you competing using PTT or Super Clutch product?

If so and you would like to be featured here please email a photo of your car, some technical information and results etc to