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  • The Omega pot type pistons are extremely high quality and SBD have used them since they first started. The piston crown has been developed over time to what we believe is the best pot type piston available, in fact when tested against other makes of piston, they regularly out perform even those types which are supposed to be a slipper style. If you have a reasonable budget which is not able to stretch to our high specification Omega slipper pistons, choosing our Omega Pot type piston is an essential way to gain performance and reliability at the right price.
    Available in 87.50mm and 88.00mm bore.
  • SBD have designed a 2 ring slipper piston for the 2-litre Duratec with the help of Omega & the latest improvements in design that they have gained through GP bike development, they have produced a new forging specifically for this piston. It is of a much stiffer construction, uses a smaller lighter pin at 18mm, they have also moved the pin closer to the crown of the piston which helps to reduce piston rock which also helps to reduce friction. It is ultra-lightweight & low friction; in initial tests we saw a 7bhp increase in our high spec engine simply by changing the pistons along with new matching longer rods. Available in 87.50mm and 88.00mm bore.