How important is the correct release bearing?

/How important is the correct release bearing?

How important is the correct release bearing?

It can be thought of as the last part of the release mechanism, but must not be overlooked as it plays more than one important role here.

The bearing (or HRB) makes contact with the clutch fingers when the clutch release mechanism is operated, the bearing face must allow for a fulcrum point to be generated so that the clutch fingers can pivot around this point. The PowerTrain Technology bearing is designed to optimise the clutch finger geometry ensuring that force is applied to the end of the fingers which maximises the lever effect and reduces the release load required, this not only helps the drivers left leg, but also the crank thrust bearing.

Other round nose (NOT flat) release bearings can be used, but by increasing the contact point diameter above the recommended 42mm (as per PTT bearing) the release load is increased and modulation is reduced which are both negative effects to clutch use.

Our bearing is extremely high quality and is designed to run down and stop between clutch actuations, this reduces parasitic drag, only high quality bearings can cope with this workload.

A standard OE bearing will need to be in constant contact with the clutch to ensure it is  kept rotating at engine speed, this allows OEM’s to reduce the quality and cost of their bearings, it takes a high quality bearing to live with being accelerated from stationary to full engine RPM in a split second, but our bearing can do this.


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