Honda K20 Components

/Honda K20 Components
  • 7.25″ (184mm) Honda K20 Clutch

    We have built this clutch to suit K20 and K24 powered FWD Competition cars using the OEM gearbox, from standard casings to the Quaife Sequential alternative. The spec we have used for this application will suit both race and rally, we have opted for .105" (2.67mm) disc thickness due to the compact nature of the OEM gearbox/input shaft, this coupled with PTT's legendary high quality manufacturing processes makes this clutch virtually impossible to beat for the application. FWD applications can be a challenging installation to fit a Twin Disc Competition clutch into due to the limited space available, however the PTT range of clutches are renowned for having one of the most compact clutch cover assemblies in the industry. We recommend for all installations that a Hydraulic release mechanism (slave cylinder) is used, most K20 OEM gearboxes use an external slave cylinder but an internal concentric is a favoured option. We have put this together as a pre-defined spec to aid you during the buying experience, simply select your engine/car type from the drop down menu and purchase.
  • Honda K20 52mm Throttle Body Kit

    SFT Optimum Honda K20 52mm Tapered Throttle Body Kit - Curved 
    • Curved manifold for Transverse Installations
    • Throttle body mounted injectors for improved fuel atomisation aiding torque/power output
    • Billet machined manifold for strength and accuracy
    • Air horn/ram pipe/stack length options
    • Carbon stepped air filter back plate (Kit Option)
    • ITG high flow air filter (Kit Option)
    • Wide spray fuel injectors for optimal performance (Kit Option)
    • Quadrant type throttle cable linkage (Kit Option)
    Designed, Developed and Proven on our 'Works Spec' in house engine, SF-K310.
    Ideal for circuit racing or rally applications for those who demand more than what the conventional plenum and single throttles on the market can deliver.