Intake Systems - K20

//Intake Systems - K20
  • Honda K20 52mm Throttle Body Kit

    SFT Optimum Honda K20 52mm Tapered Throttle Body Kit - Curved 
    • Curved manifold for Transverse Installations
    • Throttle body mounted injectors for improved fuel atomisation aiding torque/power output
    • Billet machined manifold for strength and accuracy
    • Air horn/ram pipe/stack length options
    • Carbon stepped air filter back plate (Kit Option)
    • ITG high flow air filter (Kit Option)
    • Wide spray fuel injectors for optimal performance (Kit Option)
    • Quadrant type throttle cable linkage (Kit Option)
    Designed, Developed and Proven on our 'Works Spec' in house engine, SF-K310.
    Ideal for circuit racing or rally applications for those who demand more than what the conventional plenum and single throttles on the market can deliver.