7.25″ (184mm) G55 Specific Clutch

//7.25″ (184mm) G55 Specific Clutch

7.25″ (184mm) G55 Specific Clutch

£865.00 £1,038.00 Inc VAT

This is our Ginetta G55 direct replacement clutch, swap out the factory option on any cars which no longer have to run the original part.

This clutch spec is tailored to the requirements of front running G55’s and as per all of our products, we never compromise on quality.

7.25″ (184mm) Twin Disc Clutch utilising .250″ (6.35mm) thick friction discs with a high ratio pressure plate for increased clamp load and torque capacity while maintaining low release loads.

1″ x 23 spline hubs.