7.25″ (184mm) Rally Clutch – Mk2 Escort

//7.25″ (184mm) Rally Clutch – Mk2 Escort

7.25″ (184mm) Rally Clutch – Mk2 Escort


We have built this clutch to suit Mk2 Escort Rally Cars when fitted with any of the most popular 4 Cylinder 2.0L/2.5L engine choices, from the Millington Diamond, Vauxhall 20XE, Duratec, Cosworth BDG…….the list goes on.

The spec we have used for this application will suit the most arduous rally stages as we have opted for .250″ (6.35mm) disc thickness, added to that we use a High Mass pressure plate to increase the thermal capacity of this clutch, this combination coupled with PTT’s legendary high quality manufacturing processes makes this clutch virtually impossible to beat.

We have put this together as a pre-defined spec to aid you during the buying experience, simply select your spline type from the drop down menu and purchase.

For less arduous conditions we can supply an alternative spec, using .200″ (5.08mm) discs and a standard pressure plate which keeps the overall weight of the unit down, please contact us for further information if required.

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