Our online catalogue has been designed to try and cover every clutch variant to enable a choice to be made for your application. However we understand that sometimes you may not have all the information to allow you to make an online purchase so welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements. Alternatively please check our Brand Specialists who are our trusted partners in specific vehicle Brands who will be able to guide you to the correct choice. Our Brand Specialists have first hand experience of PTT products through day in day out use.

  • Radiused 42mm Bearing

    £58.00 £69.60 Inc VAT
    Competition Release Bearing - 40mm I.D The 42mm Fulcrum point of this bearing optimises the longer release fingers of the PTT Clutch range, therefore reducing the force required to disengage the Clutch, subsequently putting less stress on the engines crank thrust bearing. Recommended for all applications where the release mechanism allows for a 40mm bearing.
  • Replacement 7.25" (184mm) Clutch Disc Pack - Bronze Metallic Material, suitable for all PTT and Super Clutch units of this size and friction material type. Select your required number of discs, thickness, spline type and hub set. Wear limits are found within our Data Sheets - Click Here   Please contact us if you require replacement Organic Friction material disc packs.
  • 10.4" Street Stock Aluminium Core Clutch Disc
  • 7.25″ (184mm) Floater Plate

    £80.00 £96.00 Inc VAT

    Replacement 7.25" (184mm) Floater Plate for PTT and Super Clutch units. 

    This is the most common Standard version, however we can also offer Lightweight and Super Lightweight versions - please contact us for more details.  

  • Our high quality Alignment Tool is made from Hard Anodised Aluminium and available in the most popular spline sizes (please contact us if yours is not listed). This tool makes aligning a multi disc clutch a straight forward task. 15mm spigot as standard.
  • 10.4″ Street Stock Clutch Cover

    £465.00 £558.00 Inc VAT
    10.4" Street Stock Clutch Cover - Aluminium Type
  • The Omega pot type pistons are extremely high quality and SBD have used them since they first started. The piston crown has been developed over time to what we believe is the best pot type piston available, in fact when tested against other makes of piston, they regularly out perform even those types which are supposed to be a slipper style. If you have a reasonable budget which is not able to stretch to our high specification Omega slipper pistons, choosing our Omega Pot type piston is an essential way to gain performance and reliability at the right price.
    Available in 87.50mm and 88.00mm bore.
  • 2.0L XE Omega/SBD 87.00mm Pot Piston set.
    The Omega pot type pistons are extremely high quality and SBD have used them since the company was founded. The piston crown has been developed over time to what we believe is the best pot type piston available, in fact in many cases when put up against other makes of piston, they regularly out perform even those types which are supposed to be a slipper type. If you have a reasonable budget which is not able to stretch to our high specification Omega slipper pistons, choosing our Omega Pot type piston is an essential way to gain performance and reliability at the right price. Suitable for use with either standard rods or our 143mm Saenz Steel Rod Set.
  • SBD XE High Spec Taper Throttle Kit

    £1,198.00 £1,437.60 Inc VAT


    The tapered throttle body system which Richard Jenvey and Steve Broughton of SBD Motorsport have developed back in 1995 for the 2.0L XE originally at that time for a touring car project which has been so successful, even spawning many copies.
    We decided that the fact that the 2.0L XE was still very popular, that is was time to look at the design again which everything that we had learnt in developing the Hayabusa and Duratec high specification throttle bodies. We contacted Jenvey Dynamics again, who have helped us to develop all our own special throttle body projects over the years and started designing a new intake system to suit the 2.0L XE as well as it's larger capacity versions, 2.2L, 2.3L, 2.4L & 2.5L which are now being built.
    We incorporated all the latest designs and developments into the system and the first prototype was ready for testing for the beginning of December. One of our main dealers had a test engine ready that could have the throttle system tested immediately, so it was shipped to Ivan Orr at Cormeen Motorsport and fitted to his 2.3L XE engine. He carried out back to back tests with our original throttle system in the morning, then fitted the new system and carried out the same tests in the afternoon. The initial results are even better than we had hoped, we saw an increase in peak torque of 14lbft and an increase in bhp of 13bhp, in fact the torque curve had improved everywhere from 2500rpm upwards. Ivan is now getting a 2.0L XE engine ready to carry out a similar test and has already sold the first system to one of his customers.
    The tapered throttle body has a 54mm entry tapering down to a 52mm butterfly. The taper then continues on through the throttle body then into the manifold and down to the cylinder head. The size of the inlet duct where it meets the cylinder head is 48mm wide x 32.50mm high. The port shape we have developed to match up with our high specification CNC ported cylinder head, this means the inlet manifold should not require any porting when mated to one of these cylinder heads. Please download the pdf at the bottom of the page for the TP-VX-2.0-K3 dimensions.
    The injectors are now mounted underneath the throttle body pointing at an upwards direction at the correct angle so that upon butterfly opening high gas speed is achieved allowing very fast throttle response. Because the injector is mounted much higher up the inlet track, this allows improved air/fuel mix, which we have found in many tests to give identical improvements to that seen with an 8-injector set up but also allows for reduced complexity. Great care has also been taken to ensure that the package is very neat and compact as possible, which means we can use a flat air filter back plate without the need for any complex stepped back plates.
    The system comes with a build in single cable throttle linkage mounting assembly, but we have designed options that will allow the use of the more traditional single or twin cable Jenvey throttle linkage kit, see below.
    The overall length of the system including airhorns is identical to the length of our earlier system TP2K. This means that any customers using the original system with 90mm air horns can easily upgrade to the latest system.
    The kit includes inlet manifold, throttle bodies, air horns, fuel rail and throttle cable bracket. It will come assembled, but without the injectors or water elbow TP5 as these depend on your installation.
  • Replacement 7.25" (184mm) Pressure Plate for PTT and Super Clutch units. The standard P/Plate has a fulcrum diameter of 6.2", this is the diameter measured across the "bump" points. The High Ratio P/Plate has a fulcrum of 6.0", this is the diameter measured across the "bump" point. The High Mass P/Plate has a fulcrum of 6.2" (Same as Standard P/Plate) however the I.D of the part is smaller to increase the available mass of the part.
  • To compliment the latest XE slipper piston, SBD have designed two new con-rods; one to suit the standard XE crank dimensions (26.35mm big end), which uses an L19 ARP bolt, the second version has a narrower big end (23.80mm) specifically designed for a narrow journal Steel crankshaft and supplied with 625+ ARP bolts.
    SBD have managed to increase the overall rod length to 149mm due to the new smaller pin size of 18mm, this allows the pin centreline to be moved closer to the crown due to its smaller diameter.
    At the same time they have also reduced the overall deck height to allow the standard block face to be machined to ensure perfect accuracy across the top of the block.
    The rod also incorporates the latest designs for improved strength yet is still lighter than the original design.
    This design of rod has several improvements which benefit the engine. There are two vertical grooves on the side of the rod, this directs the oil spray as it exits the big end vertically upwards towards the pin and the crown of the piston,. This has two benefits, it helps to supply lubricant directly to the gudgeon pin also the cool jet of oil to the underside of the crown of the piston helps to reduce the temperature of the piston itself. On the small end, we have repositioned the oil hole which feeds the small end bush. This is because the one at the top which is normally used effectively weakens the rod itself which increases the possibility of breakage when the rod is brought down by the crankshaft. By moving the oil hole to the side of the rod, there is far more material in this area to help maintain its strength.
    Because of the above modifications it is no longer necessary to supply an oil feed through the bearing, even if your bearing still has a hole for the oil jet, it does not reduce its performance as the hole is simply filled with oil and the pressure in this area is maintained.
    Rod weights are;
    510g for the standard width big end rod.
    490g for the 23.80mm narrow rod.
  • When using slipper pistons there are a lot of stories around, but most of these tales have come from using inferior products.
    SBD have used Omega slipper pistons for many years now and find they are, in fact, more reliable and create less wear than any other design of piston, whether used in rally, race, sprint or hillclimb engines.
    When you wish to produce the ultimate engine, the Omega slipper piston would always be our first choice.
    SBD have taken all the latest advancements in technology and together with the improvements they have discovered from their engine developments used this to design a completely new piston for the ever popular 2.0L XE. Omega have produced a completely optimised forging, it has significantly increased strength over any piston SBD have produced in the past and great care has been taken to ensure no machining is required to the internal structure in order to maintain maximum strength.
    SBD have reduced the pin size from the previous slipper design of 20mm down to 18mm (STD is 21mm), and then been able to reduce the piston pocket depth due to their advanced cam designs, this has allowed SBD to reduce piston crown height to improve flame travel within the combustion area and yet still maintain optimum compression.
    Piston weights as follows (including rings, pin and circlips);
    86mm - 298g
    87mm - 307g
    88mm - 314g
  • Medium size decal
  • 7.25″ (184mm) Racing Clutch

    The PowerTrain Technology 7.25" (184mm) Competition Clutch is available from 1 Disc to 4 Disc, with a choice of material thickness, spring rate and hub selection (depending on application).   Select not sure on any option below for our experts to review and advise accordingly.
  • Honda K20 52mm Throttle Body Kit

    SFT Optimum Honda K20 52mm Tapered Throttle Body Kit - Curved 
    • Curved manifold for Transverse Installations
    • Throttle body mounted injectors for improved fuel atomisation aiding torque/power output
    • Billet machined manifold for strength and accuracy
    • Air horn/ram pipe/stack length options
    • Carbon stepped air filter back plate (Kit Option)
    • ITG high flow air filter (Kit Option)
    • Wide spray fuel injectors for optimal performance (Kit Option)
    • Quadrant type throttle cable linkage (Kit Option)
    Designed, Developed and Proven on our 'Works Spec' in house engine, SF-K310.
    Ideal for circuit racing or rally applications for those who demand more than what the conventional plenum and single throttles on the market can deliver.
  • A complete Clutch, Flywheel and Slave Cylinder kit (inc bearing) designed and built specifically for the VW/Audi/Seat (VAG) FWD/4WD installations using the 2.0L TFSI engine and 6 Speed 02M/02Q Gearbox. The spec we have used for this application will suit both race and rally as we have opted for .200" (5.08mm) disc thickness, this coupled with PTT's legendary high quality manufacturing processes makes this clutch virtually impossible to beat for the application. FWD applications can be a challenging installation to fit a twin disc competition clutch into due to the limited space available, however the PTT range of clutches are renowned for having one of the most compact clutch cover assemblies in the industry. This coupled with our own specification of flywheel weighing only 3.1kgs has allowed us to maximise the packaging available with this gearbox We have put this together as a pre-defined spec to aid you during the buying experience, simply select your options from the drop down menu and purchase. Everything is supplied ready for you to fit. However, as always if you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the exact specification of your car further. The twin disc clutch is suitable for applications up to 550 lbs/ft torque. The triple disc clutch is suitable for applications up to 700 lbs/ft torque. Together with our friends at TSR Performance, this Clutch kit has been tested over an 18 month period in their own MK5 Golf GTI racecar with 550 lbs/ft and 600 BHP with great success.