• To compliment the latest XE slipper piston, SBD have designed two new con-rods; one to suit the standard XE crank dimensions (26.35mm big end), which uses an L19 ARP bolt, the second version has a narrower big end (23.80mm) specifically designed for a narrow journal Steel crankshaft and supplied with 625+ ARP bolts.
    SBD have managed to increase the overall rod length to 149mm due to the new smaller pin size of 18mm, this allows the pin centreline to be moved closer to the crown due to its smaller diameter.
    At the same time they have also reduced the overall deck height to allow the standard block face to be machined to ensure perfect accuracy across the top of the block.
    The rod also incorporates the latest designs for improved strength yet is still lighter than the original design.
    This design of rod has several improvements which benefit the engine. There are two vertical grooves on the side of the rod, this directs the oil spray as it exits the big end vertically upwards towards the pin and the crown of the piston,. This has two benefits, it helps to supply lubricant directly to the gudgeon pin also the cool jet of oil to the underside of the crown of the piston helps to reduce the temperature of the piston itself. On the small end, we have repositioned the oil hole which feeds the small end bush. This is because the one at the top which is normally used effectively weakens the rod itself which increases the possibility of breakage when the rod is brought down by the crankshaft. By moving the oil hole to the side of the rod, there is far more material in this area to help maintain its strength.
    Because of the above modifications it is no longer necessary to supply an oil feed through the bearing, even if your bearing still has a hole for the oil jet, it does not reduce its performance as the hole is simply filled with oil and the pressure in this area is maintained.
    Rod weights are;
    510g for the standard width big end rod.
    490g for the 23.80mm narrow rod.
  • When using slipper pistons there are a lot of stories around, but most of these tales have come from using inferior products.
    SBD have used Omega slipper pistons for many years now and find they are, in fact, more reliable and create less wear than any other design of piston, whether used in rally, race, sprint or hillclimb engines.
    When you wish to produce the ultimate engine, the Omega slipper piston would always be our first choice.
    SBD have taken all the latest advancements in technology and together with the improvements they have discovered from their engine developments used this to design a completely new piston for the ever popular 2.0L XE. Omega have produced a completely optimised forging, it has significantly increased strength over any piston SBD have produced in the past and great care has been taken to ensure no machining is required to the internal structure in order to maintain maximum strength.
    SBD have reduced the pin size from the previous slipper design of 20mm down to 18mm (STD is 21mm), and then been able to reduce the piston pocket depth due to their advanced cam designs, this has allowed SBD to reduce piston crown height to improve flame travel within the combustion area and yet still maintain optimum compression.
    Piston weights as follows (including rings, pin and circlips);
    86mm - 298g
    87mm - 307g
    88mm - 314g
  • Replacement 7.25" (184mm) Clutch Disc Pack - Bronze Metallic Material, suitable for all PTT and Super Clutch units of this size and friction material type. Select your required number of discs, thickness, spline type and hub set. Wear limits are found within our Data Sheets - Click Here   Please contact us if you require replacement Organic Friction material disc packs.
  • SF Technic Sunstrip

    £9.95 £11.94 Inc VAT
    Available to customers is our SF Technic branded Sunstrip, a very useful addition to any competition car where the driver is sitting low and sun glare is a problem. We have decided to subsidise this product as........ put simply we appreciate your support to display our logo with pride.
  • Medium size decal
  • 7.25″ (184mm) G55 Specific Clutch

    £755.00 £906.00 Inc VAT
    This is our Ginetta G55 direct replacement clutch, swap out the factory option on any cars which no longer have to run the original part. This clutch spec is tailored to the requirements of front running G55's and as per all of our products, we never compromise on quality. 7.25" (184mm) Twin Disc Clutch utilising .250" (6.35mm) thick friction discs with a high ratio pressure plate for increased clamp load and torque capacity while maintaining low release loads. 1" x 23 spline hubs.
  • 5.50″ (140mm) F3 Specific Clutch

    £675.00 £810.00 Inc VAT
    Our 5.5" (140mm) Twin Disc .105" Spec Clutch is a perfect solution to the factory clutch as fitted to the majority of Opel Powered Dallara F3 cars. Direct replacement for AP part number CP6002-OH90-SF with CP3414 discs This PTT unit provides, in our opinion improved clutch feel and usability combined with extended service life and is provided at an affordable price. Our standard F3 Specific Spec utilises .105" thick friction discs, however this can be upgraded to .200" for increased longevity (surcharge applies) where required. Please note that the slave cylinder height will need to be re-set if the thicker discs are used. 7/8" x 20 spline is standard to suit Hewland gearboxes, however alternative spline types can be catered for, please contact us for further information.
  • Alcon Brake Kit – Mk6 Fiesta Front

    £2,200.00 £2,640.00 Inc VAT
    The SF Technic Mk6 Fiesta Front Brake Kit has been engineered to fit under 15" wheels for Race or Rally applications where high braking forces are required, therefore we have incorporated the Alcon B Type caliper into our kit. 295mm diameter discs mounted to bespoke aluminium brake bells with integral wheel spacers and centre spigot to aid wheel fitment. Please contact us for further information and wheel fitment options.  
  • Our high quality Alignment Tool is made from Hard Anodised Aluminium and available in the most popular spline sizes (please contact us if yours is not listed). This tool makes aligning a multi disc clutch a straight forward task. 15mm spigot as standard.
  • Radiused 42mm Bearing

    £58.00 £69.60 Inc VAT
    Competition Release Bearing - 40mm I.D The 42mm Fulcrum point of this bearing optimises the longer release fingers of the PTT Clutch range, therefore reducing the force required to disengage the Clutch, subsequently putting less stress on the engines crank thrust bearing. Recommended for all applications where the release mechanism allows for a 40mm bearing.
  • 7.25″ (184mm) Racing Clutch

    The PowerTrain Technology 7.25" (184mm) Competition Clutch is available from 1 Disc to 4 Disc, with a choice of material thickness, spring rate and hub selection (depending on application).   Select not sure on any option below for our experts to review and advise accordingly.
  • 5.50″ (140mm) Racing Clutch

    The PowerTrain Technology 5.5" (140mm) Competition Clutch is available from 1 Disc to 4 Disc, with a choice of material thickness, spring rate and hub selection (depending on application).   Select not sure on any option below for our experts to review and advise accordingly.
  • 4.50″ (114mm) Racing Clutch

    Please contact us directly for all 4.50" (114mm) Clutch enquiries due to the specialised nature of this product range.